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August 2009: Denise Lopez

"Thanks for all your help with our trip to Disney...We had a blast...my kids were so happy....one of the best vacations we have had...Thanks again"

 February 2009: Dianne & Ian Michelson

"Just back from the cruise and catching up on all of the "laundry" and the Riverside news.  I did want to say Thank you for the Carnival robes - They are certainly luxurious and will be perfect for our home in the north - coming and going to our Hot Tub outside.  Ian & I had a great time on the cruise - room was perfect and the dining was great."

 January 2009 Dance Cruise:

"This is Nan (the winner of the name tag contest).  I just had to tell say Thanks.  My first dance cruise will NOT be my last.  Take - care, Smile, Nan."

January 2009 Dance Cruise: Brian and Jessica

 “ I just wanted to say thank you and that we missed you. The cruise was perfect. We all had a wonderful time. It was well planned and super fun. I was so sad to hear that you were sick...after all of that work and planning to make is nice for us. Gene was great. We were able to spend time at dinner each night which was a treat. I wanted to let you know that not only were you missed but we really appreciated all of the work that you did to put each and every one of us on that boat. It was wonderful thanks in large part to you!!!! I hope you are feeling better. See you soon...”

March 2008: From a Group Leader of over 65 Line Dancers who went on a Cruise specially designed for their dancing enjoyment.  This was done entirely through emails, phone calls, etc.  The group in based in Florida and our office is physically in New Jersey.

"First let me thank you for a perfect cruise.  on a scale of 1 to 10---we went over the top.  One always has apprehensions doing their first cruise...assuming all that responsibility and hoping nothing happens.  Also working with a person I never met.  I have these visions of you...a beautiful gracious lady with class."